The story was reported in the November 1982 issue of 'Mysteries of the World' which surmised that the young people had been
abducted by an alien race called the Hatherians and that the LDD Research Group, which Frederickson had claimed to be a member of, was a secret government cult. The article was fanciful to say the least but remained the only version of the story publicly available until UK production company circa69 created a stage performance based on the letters in 2013.

Author Manfred Berry, who was born in Albion, write extensively about the disappearance.

Mysteries of the World front cover

Interestingly a ninth letter materialised in the winter of 1969, this one purportedly having been written by George Albert frederickson himself. #the9thletter was purported to have been discovered at the site where the original letters were found, positioned within a pile of rocks which marks the site. In the first decade after the disappearance the families of those who disappeared used to gather annually in this location. Until 2010 the 9th letter was in the possession of a private collector in New York, we have seen a photocopy but have no way of verifying its authenticity.

The eight lost young people in alphabetical order were;

Jacqui Bligh
Elizabeth Elliot
Neville Green
Craig Hutchinson
Josie Marshall
Linda Runacik
Stephen Steele
John Williams

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